Parish Community of Saint John the Evangelist 35 William St. Pittston, PA

Music Ministry

Welcome to the music ministry page of Saint John the Evangelist Parish Community. We warmly welcome those with a love of music to join us and participate.
 St. John the Evangelist Parish Choir is composed of a loyal and dedicated group  of people. Some have been members for decades; others have been with us for  just a few months. Singing experience is helpful, but not required. The choir is  four-part: soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Average attendance is about 25  people. Some celebrations have seen the choir balloon to 60 voices. Rehearsals  are scheduled as needed, and are generally held Sunday evenings from 6 to 8.  The choir provides music for many important parish litugies: Christmas, Easter,  the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation and other  festivities. If you are interested in becoming a member, or if you have  questions, please contact Mr. Charles Stevens, director of music at the parish  center (570) 654-0053 .

 St. John the Evangelist Cantor program is made up of about 12 truly dedicated  members of our music ministry. Cantors function as a vital part of the liturgy,
 leading the congregation in song. Cantors are required to know the Mass and  must be able to effectivley communicate with the congregation, encouraging  participation in singing the various parts of the Mass. A cantor is not a  performer or a soloist. Rather, members of our cantor program set good  examples by leading those at Mass in sung prayer. If you think you have what it  takes to cantor, please contact Mr. Charles Stevens, director of music at the  parish center (570) 654-0053 .

 We strive to reach everyone. It's not always easily done. Are we missing the  note on something? Are we off-beat in reaching you? By design, our program is  only as good as the feedback we receive. If you would like to see (or hear)  something different, please, get in touch with us. We welcome your feedback.

 Charles Anthony Stevens has studied organ for two years under the  mentorship of Mark  Ignatovich of St. Mary's of the Immaculate Conception  Church in Wilkes-Barre. He has  played piano for over twenty years and is
 trained in classical music and jazz. He is a  newlywed having recently married  Jessica Marie who is also a physical therapist. Charles  looks forward to using  his God given talents to serve the parish and lead the music ministry  in  worship. You can contact Charles through the parish center (570) 654-0053 .
 St. John the Evangelist is blest to have such a beautiful, diverse and colorful  instrument.  Situated in the rear of the church in the choir loft, the mighty  Kilgen organ dates back to  the late '20s. A bronze plaque indicates the  expansive instrument, taking up more than half  the choir loft, was a gift of  Monsignor Patrick Winters. The organ has three manuals  (keyboards) and a  pedalboard. Uniquely, much of the organ's pipes are visible through the  organ's facade of bronze-colored pipes. At each end, you can see what appear  to be very  large boxes, known as the choir and swell divisions of the organ.  The organist controls the  volume of these divisions, opening and closing  mechanical shades. Some of the pipes, a  combination of metal and wood, are  some 30 feet high and some are smaller than an inch.  The organ's blower,  located high above the church interior in the western tower, provides  pressurized air to feed the thousands of pipes through a series of chambers  and  reservoirs. Due to the costly maintenance and upkeep of the instrument,  there was a  period of time when it sat dormant. The parish, in the '60s, had  chosen instead to use an  electric organ. Through the work of some, and a lot  of capital, the organ was brought back  to its original state.
We believe that God gives us gifts and we are to use those gifts to the best of our abilities to praise Him and to share Him with as many as we can. Sometimes it is not easy to tell others about Jesus Christ. The Youth Choir is a way we can do this in our own way, through music
The Family Choir of St. John the Evangelist Church, Pittston, under the direction of Sr. Kieran Williams, IHM Youth And Family Ministry, assists at    Family Mass each Sunday at 10 a.m.  Standing center rear, is pastor Monsignor John Bendik, Pastor.